About Oregon Trail Recovery

 Learn more about Oregon Trail Recovery, LLC, and our 3-6 month intensive outpatient program for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Clients can stay upwards of nine months. We work with individuals who have either completed inpatient treatment or medical detoxification and who are looking to transition back into everyday life. We provide partial hospitalization (day treatment), intensive outpatient, and outpatient programming. Each client will also have one hour of individual counseling per week. It is our ultimate goal to help every client become well-rounded individuals through living a life of recovery.

OTR teaches a combination of psychoeducation and process with our PHP groups using evidence-based practices such as Stages of Change. Our IOP groups are also a combination of psychoeducation and process led groups.

We currently have groups that educate clients on integrating Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP), Seeking Safety, and Art Therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The program consists of 20 hours of group therapy per week, which continues until the client starts working or attending school. Once they regularly engage in one of these two activities, the client is released from morning group and steps down to five-night groups per week, which is our intensive outpatient level of care. Upon the clinical team’s approval, clients may also have the option to become involved with community-based service or volunteer work. The client will continue with their weekly 1-on-1 sessions and immersion in a 12-step program as well as attending their regularly scheduled group therapy sessions.

Over the course of your treatment, the client will step down to fewer and fewer hours of therapeutic involvement. Should a client stay in the program for three months, they will eventually step down to the outpatient level of care. After the three months, the client can continue a level of care up to an additional three months. They would have the option of still staying in our transitional living home and being able to attend group sessions and one-on-one therapy.

Amenities and Structure

Clients reside in our structured sober living homes with a group of peers and a live-in staff member. Amenities such as laundry soap, cleaning supplies, and kitchenware are provided.

The transitional living structure of Oregon Trail Recovery, LLC. encourages the client to become involved in their recovery. This includes discovering new stimulating and healthy activities, such as hiking in local nature trails and parks accessible by public transit in the greater Portland area. You can also explore the local museums, such as OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industries).

Portland is home to one of the largest recovery communities in the United States with drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment. In fact, most of our clients find themselves quite at home in Portland and often find themselves relocating.

Learn More About Oregon Trail Recovery

We at Oregon Trail Recovery, LLC. are fully committed to making our program your last treatment experience. Our dedicated team of addiction treatment specialists will be there step by step to educate and empower each client.

If you have any questions about Oregon Trail Recovery, please feel free to contact us: Ben@oregontrailrecovery.com or call us 855-770-0577.