Intensive Outpatient Rehab in Portland, Oregon

What Is Oregon Trail Recovery?

Oregon Trail Recovery LLC offers addiction recovery programs to help those who have struggled with addiction. We have seen through research and experience that trying to get sober on your own is hard and virtually impossible. However, we have helped people finally stop the cycle through intensive outpatient rehab in Portland, Oregon.

We have seen success time and time again, and we know that recovery is possible for all who want it. Specifically, if you have been, or are currently struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, or know a friend or family member who needs help, give us a call on our confidential phone line at 855-770-0577. Moreover, we are available to talk, listen, and determine what would be the right course of action in your specific situation and circumstances.

Why Is Our Intensive Outpatient Program Beneficial?

Drug treatment and rehab facilities have a certain connotation in American society and culture. Most people have either experienced or know of someone who has experienced an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Most people who struggle with addiction don’t think they have a problem and do not get help. But for those who do seek help, the most common solution is to do a 30-day stay at a residential drug and alcohol treatment program.

What we have seen through outcome studies on treatment engagement and long-term recovery solutions is that, for most individuals, residential treatment alone is not enough. Additionally, after using for years, 30 days of treatment has not been proven to ‘cure’ someone of addiction. The research has shown that a continuum of care, accountability, community, and re-integration assistance into the workplace and everyday life is extremely beneficial to those who have completed residential treatment and/or detox program. During this phase is where we come in.

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Oregon Trail Recovery offers a three-month program for intensive outpatient rehab in Portland, Oregon. In addition, we help those who are looking to transition into everyday life. The benefits of our long-term program vary and include the following:

  • A safe, structured, clean, drug-free living environment
  • Nutrition education
  • Community integration, accountability, peer support
  • Alcohol and drug addiction education
  • Same gender group therapy daily
  • Individual Therapy weekly
  • Employment search and acquisition assistance
  • 12 step program immersion
  • Learning how to have fun in sobriety and develop hobbies

If you have a question about Oregon Trail Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program, please give us a call and we can help guide you to make a decision.

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