Wellbriety Program

Wellbriety: Walking the Red Road

Wellbriety is walking the Red Road towards healing. It is based off the principles of 12 step fellowships while being rooted in Native American Traditions; carrying the message of how they apply to recovery of the individual, family and community. Wellbriety incorporates sober lifestyles, balanced wellness (mental, physical, spiritual and emotional), natural laws & cultural traditions.

Oregon Trail Recovery incorporated Wellbriety into its programming. Though it was born out of Native American Traditions, it is offered to those who identify as Native American as well as those who do not. There are many roads to recovery and Wellbriety programming; sweat lodges, drumming circles and community meetings provides the opportunity to engage with this culturally based recovery movement.


Wellbriety Curriculum & Support Meetings



  • Red Road to Wellbriety Workbook
  • Medicine Wheel
  • White Bison Daily Meditation

Outside Support Meetings:

Outside Activities:

  • Drumming Circle
  • Sweat Lodge
  • Pow Wows

Wellbriety Training Opportunities in 2021/22