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Our Mission

Oregon Trail Recovery aims to ensure a safe environment for our clients to work on their substance addiction as well as to assist them in utilizing the tools necessary to remain alcohol and drug free long-term. We employ strength-based therapies to continue to engage our clients in their recovery process. Our trained clinical staff is committed to the growth and wellness of our clients.

Our Services

Whether you are finishing residential drug treatment, or just having trouble staying off of drugs and alcohol, we have a long-term intensive outpatient treatment program in Portland, Oregon that can help. At Oregon Trail Recovery, we not only help you stay clean and sober, but also teach you how to apply the tools of sobriety that you have learned to everyday life.

There are many challenges to overcome when you first get clean and sober. Where will I find meetings? Where do I find work? How do I get a place to live? What do I do to have fun?
At Oregon Trail Recovery, LLC., we can help you solve all of those problems. We help you take the life skills that you learned in residential treatment and transfer those skills of sobriety into everyday living with our long-term intensive outpatient program.

Together, with your peers in the program, you will have a safe place to stay that is drug and alcohol free, with food and living necessities provided. We help you create resumes, do mock interviews, or complete your financial aid forms. However you want your outpatient drug treatment to look, we will help you get there. You can become a productive member of society again, and we can help.

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We take smaller trips regularly – hiking in the Gorge, the city, or in the mountains. Fishing along the Willamette river for Salmon and Steelhead is another smaller excursion. The larger excursions – three day fishing trips in Central Oregon, skiing on Mt. Hood, or deep sea fishing on the Oregon Coast occur roughly every eight weeks. Both the Men’s and Women’s programs participated in backpacking trips and other excursions this past summer. Please call us today with any questions or inquiries about the program. We can provide you a superior quality of treatment at an affordable rate. Contact can be made by phone, at 855-770-0577.

About Our New Logo

The color blue in our new logo gives us a sense of new beginnings; like clear open skies, uncluttered by the clouds of our past mistakes and shortcomings we knew too well in our addictions. Green aims to mimic the lush, forest-like shades of the always breathtaking Pacific Northwest landscape, where we are proud to headquarter a company that is bent on inspiring new hope within those who have been lost for so long.