recovery approachesAs we journey through recovery, we must value both traditional therapies and alternative treatments. Both have their unique strengths and can complement each other beautifully.

In this newsletter, I want to share some unconventional approaches that, alongside traditional methods, have helped many in their recovery journey. Let’s dive in:

Nature Therapy: The tranquility of nature can enhance traditional therapy, offering peace and a new perspective. In my experience, a journey into nature and getting away from the city can be the jolt that can kick start, or reignite, your recovery.

Laughter Yoga: This joyful practice can be a great supplement to more conventional methods, bringing lightness and relaxation. I once did Bikram yoga when I was early in recovery. Whether laughter yoga, or any yoga, having quiet time to reflect is usually helpful.

Art Therapy: Creativity can be a powerful companion to traditional therapy, providing a unique outlet for expression. Art doesn’t have to be painting. It can be  music, or I used to write a lot of poetry. Writing about my addiction was cathartic.

Volunteer Work: Engaging in community service can add a fulfilling dimension to your recovery, enriching the traditional therapeutic experience. With our alumni, I’ve been in discussions with several people about working in the community to “give back.”

Animal-Assisted Therapy: The companionship of animals can support and amplify the benefits of standard recovery practices. As many of you know, Porky is our little mutt-terrier who goes almost everywhere with me. Even though he can drive me nuts, I find that I am more relaxed with him around.

These alternative approaches can work wonderfully alongside more traditional methods, providing a well-rounded and effective recovery experience.

I’m always here to discuss your experiences with treatment or to hear about any other innovative strategies you’ve found helpful.


Ben Randolph