clearing your system

Taking that first step in recovery often means clearing out the toxins, both physical and mental, that have held us down. It’s about detoxifying, yes, but it’s also about setting the stage for a fresh chapter in our lives.

A while back, I sat down with a member from our community. He shared the initial phase of his recovery journey, starting with a strict detoxification regimen under medical supervision, flushing out the substances that had taken a toll on his body. But for him, the real detox was mental.

It made me realize the intricate link between our body and mind. While it’s essential to clear out harmful substances, it’s equally important to rejuvenate our minds, free them from negative patterns, and replenish them with positive thoughts and practices.

If you’re at the beginning of your recovery or even if you’re further along and feel the need to refresh your mind and body, remember that detoxification is beneficial. It’s not just what we remove but also what we introduce that defines our journey forward.

Got a detox story of your own? Or looking for guidance on how to start? I’m here to listen and share.


Ben Randolph