Sober Living Program

Continued Support for Lifelong Success

Returning to everyday life after successfully completing an addiction recovery program is often much harder than people realize. The stress of housing, finding work, and maintaining accountability are sometimes too much and drives many people back to their previous lifestyle. Our sober living outpatient program is designed to alleviate the stress that makes sobriety impossible for many patients over the long term. We seek to smooth the transition from recovery programs to daily life in the normal world by providing a space where our clients can practice important skills while still receiving the accountability and support they need.


All clients within the sober living program are required to sign a contract before entering the house. Contracts ensure that each client is fully aware of what is expected of participants and that each person is encouraged and obligated to nurture habits that increase the chances of long-term success. One of the most important aspects of these contracts is the requirement for residents to attend support meetings throughout participation in the program.


One of the advantages of the sober living program is the continued structure offered to clients after completing an addiction recovery program. At the same time, clients begin to practice life skills and responsibilities that every person will likely encounter after their stay in the program.

A hierarchy is in place in the sober living house which is similar to the structure we use in our Intensive Outpatient Program. For those looking to continue their journey toward addiction recovery in one of our sober living houses, they first must participate in an interview with a House Manager. To ensure accountability within the house, clients must submit to random drug screenings with urine analysis. Random tests encourage residents to abide by the rules and structures put in place, to refrain from the use of substances, and to be held accountable for actions.

Each resident has responsibilities that are crucial to learn for long term success in the real world. Responsibilities such as paying a monthly rent, are required of the residents. Rent is based on several factors like whether the client would like a furnished or unfurnished room, and whether it is a single or shared room with another client. Each client also submits a security deposit with the first month’s rent at the beginning of the stay when the contract is signed.

We also strive to promote a sense of unity and community both in and out of the house. Every resident is required to be a member of the local community and is encouraged to either continue their education, get a job, or participate in volunteer work. There are many opportunities for our residents to practice sober living in the Portland, Oregon community, and it is our hope that by living together in close proximity and under the same structures that residents will form relationships, hold one another accountable, and encourage one another in growth and continued recovery.

Set Up an Interview

By the time a client leaves our sober living program, he or she will not only have a longer time frame of sobriety but also practice with interviews, paying rent, and performing tasks which are helpful in the community. All of these benefits contribute to the ability to succeed in lifelong sobriety. Contact us today to ask any questions or to set up an interview with a House Manager and find the best fit for you or your loved one for continued support in the joy of sober living.