I can not say enough about Oregon Trail Recovery. My son started the second half of his journey by going to this structured recovery house to transition from an addiction center. He arrived in Portland, OR and settled in. He had to abide by the rules: Get a job, go to meetings, work his program, and help with household chores. I would periodically receive a call, “Hello, this is Ben, calling to update you and the family.”

What a comfort that this was, and such a personal touch. Simple and short, but so appreciated…The structure and discipline supported his sobriety and behaviors that are assiduous with a recovery based lifestyle. He matured and stood on his own two feet. I hope that anyone reading this testimonial can have the courage to take the first step and see that Oregon Trail Recovery can help you build a new life, and a new you!


New Jersey

We researched many alcohol addiction treatment options and ultimately were attracted to this program because we saw benefits in having our son experience the beauty of Oregon through various outdoor activities while he worked his way back to a healthy lifestyle. This program offers an excellent structure that includes; daily group meetings, daily AA meetings, weekly individual therapy sessions and community living with other young men who are pursuing sobriety. As part of the program, my son was introduced to the local AA group where he met a fantastic sponsor and many folks who now serve as role models.

My son’s involvement in the local AA community helped him to secure a job very quickly. My son’s group home is a spacious house in a safe neighborhood setting with easy access to public transportation which enables him to get to and from meetings, work and the gym without the need for a car. Our son is very happy with this program and he has made tremendous strides. We could not be happier with Ben and his team at Oregon Trail Recovery.


Boston, MA

The road to recovery can be a Harrowing experience for the family of an addict. You have a family member that feels his problem is not that bad or is afraid to admit his addiction exists because he or she knows they can’t handle it by themselves. With my son, I remember often thinking if I throw enough material at him, maybe something will stick to the wall and give him a chance to live his life free of addiction.

I think the hardest part about his addiction with me was knowing I couldn’t do a thing about it except give him the knowledge that yes, life does get better and also it is not a sign of weakness to reach out and ask for help. Fortunately, the path leading to Oregon Trail Recovery crossed ours and he realized he did have a shot at defeating his addiction as long as he reached out, asked for help, and hung out with winners that were living a clean life and enjoying it.

I have to admit I was a little surprised to get a status report every so often from the guys working with him, to overcome the obstacles He was facing, one day at a time. Nothing personal, just the fact that he was following the outline given to him at Oregon Trail and had a few rough spots that he worked out with their help. Is there life after addiction to drugs and alcohol, definitely “YES,” he is learning that although life has its ups and downs in sobriety he can enjoy life a lot more than he did while he was chasing his addiction.

He is happier now than he has been in a long time, but selfishly so am I, as I feel a large burden has been lifted from me. I thank all the folks at Oregon Trails for all the understanding, expertise, and love that they extended to my family and I.


I entered the Oregon Trail Recovery program, after years of battling addiction, without a clue how to be a functioning member of society. The program provided a structured environment that taught me some of the basic tools for both staying sober as well as becoming a productive member of society again. As part of the program, I was required to attend daily 12-step meetings which have been a huge part of my continued sobriety upon completion of the Oregon Trail Recovery Program. The program had a licensed therapist who I met with weekly during the nine months I was in the program which helped me immensely with early sobriety. I will be forever grateful to the program, the staff, and the people who were in the program with me for all their help and continued support.


My name is Krystal and I am a former client of Oregon Trail Recovery. I cannot say enough about what the program has done for me and how dramatically my life has changed. I, like many addicts came to the program from being homeless, had burned every bridge with family members and friends and was going nowhere fast.

My life seemed hopeless and that my rock bottom was a continuous pit that kept on getting deeper and that there was no recovery in sight. I was in a constant limbo with the devil seeing how low Krystal could possibly go. I kept getting into trouble and screwing up left and right. Some people learn by watching others, some people learn by making mistakes, I for one had to learn by getting my ass handed to me and even then I still didn’t seem to learn. I thought my purpose in life was to be an addict.

After a women’s rehab program, I decided to come to OTR and it was the best decision I have made for my recovery and my future.First, I was skeptical like many and hard-headed, but if you are anything like me then I promise this is where you need to go. I didn’t want to leave my home, my child, my family, and friends but I decided it was time to make my recovery a priority. I was no good to anyone as long as I was continuing my addict lifestyle.

Furthermore, OTR gave me the footing to stand up and see that all hope was not lost. I was taught how to maintain a schedule, set goals and most importantly achieve them. I came to the program with a bag of clothes and that was it. They gave me the tools to get a job, groups, and counseling to process my past and the resources to build a sober support system. Most importantly, they taught me to be willing and to do what was asked of me. As addicts, it is often hard for us to do this but it has been the greatest tool they have given me.

Since coming to the program, I was able to pay off debt, get my license back, buy a car, set up insurance, pay court fines and transition into a safe and sober home after I graduated. It wouldn’t have been possible to get my life back on track without the structure and guidance.

They also taught me that you can have just as much fun sober as you thought you did using. We went on numerous outdoor adventures, to the snow, hiking mountains, cross-country skiing, sweat lodges and many others. I played in a sober softball league which led me to meet many others in recovery. If you are serious and ready to put your all into recovery and bettering your life this is the place for you. I had been to multiple treatment centers and what I consider “quick band-aid fixes” before this program and I truly believe OTR was my saving grace. They didn’t just clean me up and ship me back out they took the time and the effort to get to the root of my addiction and actually heal me.

There were days when it was hard and I wanted to leave and take the easy way out but every day I am grateful I didn’t. Today I don’t have to worry if I am going to have a safe place to sleep. Every day I am grateful to have a bed and a place to call home. I am one success story that I hope motivates someone else to become the next one.


I will be forever grateful to the talented, knowledgeable professionals at Oregon Trail Recovery. My son entered the program at OTR searching for the proper level of care, and Oregon Trail was an outstanding fit. The staff is exemplary. From the moment he stepped off the plane in Portland, and throughout his 9-month program, he was treated with compassion and respect, while he was always held accountable for his recovery. His counselor at Oregon Trail has been instrumental in guiding him through the transition to life after treatment. Thanks to Oregon Trail, my son has developed a sense of community, and now considers Portland his home.

Addiction is a family disease, and everyone at Oregon Trail has been very sensitive to our family’s needs. The family weekends were informative, educational, and allowed us an opportunity to interact with our loved one in his environment. Staff members were helpful, personable, and always open to suggestions. Each time we left Oregon, we left with greater hope for our son’s long-term recovery.

Thank you, Oregon Trail Recovery!


I’ve made it a whole year and couldn’t have done it with out the great people of Oregon Trail Recovery!  I haven’t even had to fight triggers much. When I have it’s just fleeting!  Now, taking it one day at a time, I’ll stay on my path of continued healing and enjoying my freedom from the misery of addiction!  Thanks again and God bless you!


I have been to my fair share of treatment centers, initially thinking OTR would be just like the rest of them. I was quite surprised to quickly find this was not the case. Each group is filled with vital information I’ve never heard anywhere else. The counselors are insightful people. The people I’ve met here, staff or fellow peers, give me an inviting family-type feeling. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. I’m forever grateful to this program and what it’s done for me. Thank you.


The staff truly cares about me and my sobriety. I have been to several other treatments before and I have learned more about myself and my abilities here than anywhere else.


My experience at Oregon Trail Recovery has helped me tremendously on my path toward recovery. Combined with then intensive groups, sober living house, and dedicated staff, this treatment program is a great place when you’re willing to get sober.