Oregon Trail Recovery Process

What follows is a detailed outline of the Recovery Process associated with Oregon Trail Recovery Program which can be up to 6 months long. There is an additional option for a 3-month continuum of care (totaling 9 months).  A three-month verbal commitment to the program is required.

We focus on helping men and women build new lives in recovery, and help them learn to become self-sustaining, productive members of society. Our focus is founded on a solution through multiple avenues of support that in turn aid an individual to begin and endure life’s challenges. From intake to graduation, individuals are taught valuable life skills, which help them find success and learn to overcome obstacles while living in a positive and supportive environment.


Men and women seeking treatment in our program start their journey by first having the courage to pick up the phone. An over-the-phone assessment is done with each person to find out what level of care is needed. Oregon Trail Recovery looks to help put people in the right place by giving them the best possible chance of achieving long-term recovery. After a decision is made by both the inquiring individual and the staff member, we move towards looking at payment. Payment of treatment can include either insurance or cash pay.


New clients are picked up by a staff member of Oregon Trail Recovery and the journey to a new way of living begins. Upon arrival to one of our program houses,  the client will be given a tour of the house, which includes the bedroom in which they will find their sleeping arrangements (bedding included). Afterward, a search of the client’s belongings is conducted by staff to ensure that they are not in possession of any harmful substances which would compromise our clean and sober environment.

If the client has any prescribed, non-narcotic medications, they will be placed in the safe by the House Manager, who will dispense them appropriately at a scheduled time. 

Other unapproved items such as knives, tasers and pepper spray will be confiscated upon search of person and possessions. These items will be kept securely locked away and will be returned to the client upon completion of the program. 

Program: 3 and 6 months

Clients of Oregon Trail Recovery 3 month treatment:

  • Two hours of Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) until client secures a job or begins attending school
  • Two hours of IOP group therapy  Monday through Friday.
  • 12-step meeting 5 days a week
  • Individual one on one therapy sessions once a week with their assigned primary counselor.
  • Required to build a recovery program (Get and work with a sponsor, secure a home group and work the 12 steps)
  • At 60 days in the program, clients are considered senior peers and are expected to exhibit inspirational traits to new and incoming clients. 

Clients of Oregon Trail Recovery 3 month to 6 month treatment:

Clients at this stage have been building a recovery program in their 12 step meetings and doing the minimum required work, school or service. Clients are evaluated by staff and if treatment plans and goals are met:

  • Clients are now considered senior peers and will help new clients start programs and assist new clients in developing relationships in the 12 step meetings.
  • Two hours of Group therapy 3 days a week.
  • 12 step meeting five times a week.
  • Individual 1 on 1 therapy once or more per week, including treatment plans.
  • Clients are eligible to obtain a vehicle. with staff approval
  • Clients are encouraged to start looking for new meetings to attend.
  • Support with program (working the 12 steps).
  • Senior peers support new clients with job searching, applying to school and being of service to their peers through guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Clients begin paying $250 per month for rent, a tool that helps them begin financial planning and management.

Clients of Oregon Trail Recovery 6 month treatment:

Clients at this stage have built a program of recovery in their 12 step meetings. The clients’ work, school or service are evaluated by staff and if treatment plans and goals are met the clients will do:

  • Two hours of Group therapy 1 day a week
  • Attend 12 step meetings 4 times a week.
  • Individual 1 on 1 therapy. Including treatment plans per individual and begin to taper to two therapy sessions a month or to be seen on demand.
  • Senior peers support new clients with job searching, applying to school and being of service to their peers through guidance, support, and encouragement.
  • Clients in the last 3 months of treatment continue to pay a $250 monthly rent fee and begin discharge planning with therapist, where they are assisted in after care placement.

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  • All food, cleaning supplies, house repairs, and high use items are provided by the program. (Example: Toilet paper, Milk, Eggs, Coffee, Paper towels).
  • Houses are cleaned and maintained by clients. Daily and weekly scheduled chores are done.
  • Bus tickets are provided for program related activities for the first 60 days. (work, school, therapy sessions, etc.)
  • Client outings coordinated regularly.