At the end of last month, I was yet again blessed by this program. I got the privilege and pleasure of taking a few of our clients up to the Oregon Coast, specifically Falcons Crest and Haystack Rock. This is yet another example of how Oregon Trail Recovery has changed my life for the better.
When I was a client in the program, I rarely had a chance to participate in any of the weekend outings because I wanted to busy myself with work and school. However, when my coworker Colin brought up the idea of the trip in one of our weekly staffing meetings, I jumped at the idea and I am grateful I did. It provided me with an opportunity to find yet another example of how unique and beautiful the state of Oregon really is. In fact, since moving to Portland in January of last year, I heard from staff, clients and even locals from Portland how beautiful the Oregon Coast is and was at the top of my list for a long time. Getting the chance to scratch that off my list was just another added extra benefit.
Being born and raised in San Diego, CA, you’d think I might have seen my fair share of gorgeous beaches and coastlines. However, like Oregon in general, the coast is so uniquely gorgeous that pictures and words hardly do it justice. The best way I can describe it is a perfect blend of lush forest and picturesque beaches coming together in one sublime blend. One doesn’t have a chance to mind the intense rains and winds when they see how much they really add to the splendor of the coastline.
The real treasure of course was seeing a number of my clients really take in the beauty to make it part of their recovery. I feel it helped them really view their recovery as a journey towards a destination of true treasure and peace. From the moment we had every client in the vans to our first stop at Flacon’s Crest, we shared in a moment of camaraderie and brotherhood that can only be found in the loving arms of recovery.
A big part of my job at Oregon Trail Recovery is to take this journey with the clients. Working with others is not only a crucial part of this job but also an important element stressed to me by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. By reaching out and helping other clients in their journey, I can add strength to my sobriety and my program.
We also had a chance to attend an AA meeting in the town of Seaside. This meeting usually only has 3 regular attendees and we filled in the rest of the seats. The members of that meeting were not only grateful to have us in their meeting hall but were also inspired in their own recovery to see young men striving for sobriety. It gave them hope for the future.
I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for this unique opportunity to work for this company. The trip to the Oregon Coast was just another example of the beauty and splendor in which I have a chance to see and be a part of. It is yet a reminder to me that in my recovery and in the recovery of my peers, the possibilities are limitless and they contain a countless bounty.
~Dalton Williams