I remember when I first got clean and sober, I attended this noon meeting regularly. There were a couple guys in there with 10-14 years sober who were so bitter, I remember thinking, “if I am that miserable when I have that amount of time clean, I’ll shoot dope again.” Thankfully, I surrounded myself with people who lived the slogan, “we are not a glum lot.” At Oregon Trail Recovery, we provide therapy and outpatient, and we also provide the opportunity for the clients to get very involved in the 12-step fellowship. It is that involvement and feeling apart of something greater, that will help the individual succeed in overcoming addiction long after they graduate from Oregon Trail Recovery. Yesterday, I was at lunch with some colleagues, and the discussion was about the recent articles denouncing the effectiveness of the 12-step programs. One of my colleagues (who is also in recovery) said, “there are a couple of us at this table who prove that the 12-steps are very, very effective.” We take my friends comment to heart at OTR. We only engage our clients in the meetings where we know the principles of AA or NA are practiced by the members in attendance, and not the drama we practiced in our addictions (which we sometimes see in the fellowships – if a member has not worked on that area of their life yet.)

“We in AA talk about crossing the invisible line into our alcoholism. What about crossing the invisible line into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous?”

Benjamin Randolph