Benjamin Randolph MS, CADC III, CIP, CTT, BRI – II – Chief Executive Officer

Ben entered recovery in 1998 after struggling with substances for several years. After working in the construction trades for a number of years, he went on to school and earned his Master’s of Science. Ben has a passion for recovery and institutes recovery principles in all his affairs, including Oregon Trail Recovery. As the CEO, Ben and his wife Jennifer (COO), have applied their dreams of helping others into a reality. Ben worked in a methadone clinic, residential treatment, and outpatient treatment. Additionally, Ben has worked as the Director of Chemical Dependency at a 78 bed psychiatric hospital where he oversaw a 22-bed unit. Ben has been conducting interventions over the past decade and remains passionate about helping people get and stay clean and sober.

Jennifer Randolph, CAI-II, CIP, CTP, BRI – II, CADC I – Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer of Oregon Trail Recovery, Jennifer and her husband Ben turned their dream of helping others get sober into a reality. Jennifer’s addiction to drugs and alcohol started in high school. Without her personal experience with addiction, she would not be where she is today with over 15 years sober. Jennifer brings personal experience with addiction to the table, and she has worked hard to achieve many nationally recognized certifications. Jennifer is a Certified ARISE Interventionist (CAI), Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Board Registered Interventionist (BRI II), Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC I). Her scope of practice is useful in all stages of recovery, helping those she works with get sober and STAY sober.

Candy Plant, BS – Chief Financial Officer

Candy has been with Oregon Trail Recovery since the program opened. Candy has worked hard to earn her Bachelors in Business and Management and continues to apply her knowledge here at Oregon Trail Recovery. As the Chief Financial Officer, Candy’s attention to detail and diligent record keeping helps us to provide an uncompromising level of care for the people we serve. Candy is passionate about her friends and family, and she carries this love for others into the work she does here at Oregon Trail Recovery.

Léa Kujala LCSW, MAC, CADC II – Director of Clinical Programming

Léa came to Oregon Trail Recovery in June 2016. She has worked in the field of recovery for the last eight years, working with women struggling with addiction and trauma. She is passionate about working with individuals in the recovery process and guiding them to the future they are excited about. Léa earned her License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW) in April 2015 and her CADC in 2016. Most recently, Léa has earned her Master’s on Addiction Counseling (MAC) in early 2017. Léa loves to be outdoors in whatever fashion, especially in the winter time.

Michael Banis, AS – Intake and Admissions Coordinator

Michael has come a long way in the past four years of his sobriety. Mike has been with us from the very beginning and was the first client to successfully complete the program. Michael started as a house manager, and after a year of managing the houses and mentoring young men in the program, Mike moved on to his current position as the Office Manager in January of 2015. The changes Mike has made throughout his experience at Oregon Trail Recovery are truly amazing. Having lost over 100 pounds, buying a new car, getting engaged to his fiancé, redeveloping relationships with his family, and overcoming a major surgery, Mike has shown what it means to prioritize his recovery through good and bad times. Mike continues to give back to the program every day, helping clients learn a new way of life, a clean and sober one.

Maddie Jackson, BA – Counselor

Maddie came to Oregon Trail Recovery in October of 2016. Having received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminology from Auburn University, Maddie aspires to help others overcome their own battles with addiction, just as she has overcome her struggles with alcoholism. Drawing from her experience from her work with treatment centers in southern Louisiana as well as with crisis lines, Maddie illustrates a clear passion and drive to her clinical work in counseling those who struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol. She prides herself on integrating a psychoanalytic perspective, partnered with existentialism, spirituality and 12 step-based facilitation. Maddie is also an avid practitioner of meditation and creative writing and incorporates these therapeutic processes into her sessions. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Dalton Williams, BA – Media Specialist

Dalton came to Oregon Trail Recovery at the start of 2015 with the gift of desperation. Suffering from the crippling disease of alcoholism, Dalton quickly got to work by finding part time employment at one of our local grocery stores and enlisting himself to be of service to various 12 step recovery groups. Today, Dalton is grateful to employ his knowledge of, and personal experience with, recovery to the men and women of Oregon Trail Recovery. Dalton is currently working as the Media Specialist for Oregon Trail Recovery. In Dalton’s own word’s, “This program gives you enough rope. It is up to you whether or not you chose to use that rope to pull yourself up or to hang yourself by.”

Samantha Frey, Client Support Specialist

Local to the state of Oregon, Sam draws from her own past personal struggles with substance abuse and eating disorders to aid the women of Oregon Trail Recovery in finding a better way of life. Her passion for recovery is evident in the excellent work she exudes in and out of the program. Sam enjoys making the most of her newfound clean and sober life by filling her spare time with swimming, hiking and quality time with friends and family. Her accomplishments make her not only a valuable member of the Oregon Trail Recovery staff, but also allow her to stand as a testament to young women in recovery and the wonderful life they can have upon conquering addiction.

Torin Overturf, CADC I, Operations and Client Support Specialist

Torin is one of our youngest members on staff at Oregon Trail Recovery. His previous experience with drugs led him into the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous at an early age. As he learned how to live life sober, he made his education a priority. Torin recently graduated from Rex Putnam High School in 2015 and earned his CADC I. Currently, Torin transports clients to their individual therapy sessions, process groups, and twelve step meetings. His young age and experience with addiction have allowed him to relate to the clients he works with, and serve as an example for young men trying to get sober. In his free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and skiing.

Curtis DeVoursney – Client Support Specialist

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Curtis endured a long journey of his own struggles with chemical dependency before finding a solution in the community and fellowship of 12 step-based recovery. This experience has afforded Curtis with an undying passion for helping other men and women find a solution to their own battles with addiction; an important value that strengthens the Oregon Trail Recovery team. When Curtis is not in the workplace, he enjoys watching sports, cooking and spending time with friends and family. Curtis’ presence in Oregon Trail Recovery serves as an inspiration to our clients, who work every day towards a successful life of recovery. Curtis has stated that he has found this success by applying the principles of 12 step-based recovery to his life.

Joseph Chow – Client Support Specialist

Joseph started his journey of recovery at rock bottom. Completely broken by his addiction to the point of homelessness, Joseph was able to pull himself up, harnessing capabilities and skill sets he never knew he had possessed while in his active addiction. Being extremely active in 12 Step Based Recovery, Joseph found a great sense of purpose and gratitude by being a man of service in recovery today. Joseph prides himself on his work as a Client Support Specialist here at Oregon Trail Recovery by inspiring men in recovery to overcome the same obstacles he himself has faced, proving to themselves that they too can live a life which is happy, joyous and free. When he is not at work, Joseph enjoys partaking in the culinary arts, which he has a particular flare and talent for! 

Patrick Clare – Client Support Specialist

Patrick entered Oregon Trail Recovery as a client in April of 2016. Originally from Atlanta, Ga he felt his journey should start in our program. Having been plagued by addiction for several years, Patrick quickly got to work on his spiritual program of action, getting highly involved with 12-step based recovery. After graduating our program he wanted to give back by becoming a client support specialist and immediately became a valued member of the team. Patrick’s dedication and drive to help those who suffer from addiction come out whole on the other side is a welcomed asset to our program, and we are more than proud to have him aboard. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys pursuing artistic endeavors such as painting and graphic design. Patrick has also exhibited a great interest in pursuing a career in the mental health field.    

Tiffany Wedman – Client Support Specialist

Tiffany started her journey at Oregon Trail Recovery in late 2016. Upon her arrival, Tiffany quickly got to work on her spiritual program of action, employing the use of 12 Step-Based Recovery to foster her own growth and progress, and in turn, being strongly instrumental in the recovery of others. As a Client Support Specialist, Tiffany is proud to utilize her strengths to help aid in the growth of each and every woman who comes into the program, offering the same care and compassion which she experienced as a client.  Tiffany is not only a strong woman of recovery but also a loving and devoted mother to two wonderful children.  One of Tiffany’s greatest passions is to immerse herself in nature, particularly on one of the many gorgeous hiking trails here in the Pacific Northwest.