Sober Living Experience


Beyond our Intensive Outpatient Program, Oregon Trail Recovery also offers a Sober Living Proponent: A less structured, and a more self-sufficient portion for our clients.

Located in the warm and friendly environment of Happy Valley in Clackamas County, the sober living house offers the client a unique experience to exhibit the tools which they have learned in treatment and how they are going to apply them to the best of their ability. This is traditionally why the sober living proponent of the program is offered as a “stepping stone” for the individual, helping them smoothly transition back into everyday life, living clean and sober one day at a time.

What follows is an outline as to what to expect from our sober living:



  • Much like the program housing in our IOP program, our sober living house is monitored by a structure. Each resident follows a familiar hierarchy in the home. A sense of community is ingrained within this structure and is expected to be adhered to and respected.
  • Our clients will be responsible for monthly rent payments for their room at the sober living, as well as remaining abstinent from all mood and mind altering substances. Rent is offered at two price options; either with the room furnished or unfurnished.
  • As a resident of the sober living house, you would also be required to submit to random urine analysis drug screenings to ensure you are maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.
  • You will also be responsible for having some sort community involvement to be a resident at the sober living house. This comes in the form of a paying job, a volunteer position, or school.


  • All prospective individuals are required to be interviewed by the head resident of the house to verify exactly what the interviewee hopes to get out of the sober living environment.
  • All residents are generally required to have 6 months of sobriety to even be considered, however depending on interview and assessment from the head resident, individuals are allowed to live at the house, provided that they have had some sort of treatment experience recently, that they are deemed appropriate for the environment, and that they are able to pay rent.


  • Upon admittance to the sober living program, residents are required to pay their first month’s rent fee as well as sign a contract which outlines all the regulations which they are expected to uphold to.
  • The contract will also stipulate that each resident is required to attend 12 step meetings while living at the house, which we feel is crucial to an individual’s success in long term recovery.


It is our hope that your experience at our sober living house will provide you with enough “real-world practice” needed to transition into a life that you never thought you’d be able to live. It is also our hope that you are able to build a solid basis of community and fellowship from your experience to further strengthen your walk on the road of recovery.