Transitional Living

One of the things that distinguishes Oregon Trail Recovery from other drug and alcohol treatment programs in Portland is our model for transitional living. Our current program has three homes for men and three women’s homes. Our upscale residential homes provide our clients with a safe, supervised, instructional environment in which to live and learn valuable life skills. Clients build peer relationships and experience firsthand what a daily drug and alcohol free lifestyle looks like. Our quality therapeutic environments are designed to help teach valuable life skills such as shared and personal responsibility, budgeting, pride in ownership, effective interpersonal communication skills, fun in recovery combined with responsibility to recovery, and a functional engagement in an ongoing daily drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Our safe, comfortable residential homes provide all necessary furnishings and household amenities; including bedding, food, cable and WiFi services, computer access, transportation, toiletries and laundry facilities.

Staffing of Our Transitional Living Facilities

Our residential homes are staffed 24/7 with qualified men and women who have not only technical training, but personal experience overcoming and continuing to recover from the vicious and deadly disease of addiction. Oregon Trail Recovery is an industry leader in equipping their personnel with the training and supervision necessary to facilitate healing and growth in our structured Portland residential rehab facilities. Many of our house managers have successfully completed Oregon Trail Recovery’s Transitions program and are now gainfully employed with OTR and in Portland metro schools acquiring their academic credentials to ensure top-notch, experienced and properly trained staffing in our facilities and programs.

Services Provided

  • Recovery-Based Structured Residences
  • Supportive, Peer-Driven Community
  • Random Drug Testing
  • 12-Step Meeting Participation
  • Case Management
  • Experiential Therapies
  • Adventure Experience
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Employment Assistance
  • Educational Assistance
  • Community Involvement
  • 12-Step Immersion
  • Required Group Therapy
  • Required Individual Therapy
  • Transportation

Our Gender Specific Transitions Programs Offer:

  • Individual therapy provided, supervised or facilitated by a Licensed, Masters-level therapist specializing in Trauma
  • A minimum of 10 Hours of weekly group process supervised or facilitated by a Master-level therapist.
  • 3-9 month intensive program with a minimum 3 month verbal commitment
  • Modeling and guidance in developing and maintaining basic life skills
  • Establishment of an effective long-term recovery plan, including peer support, identifying triggers, recognizing and addressing signs of relapse, mandatory sponsorship and regular support-group attendance
  • Employment and/or education assistance preparing for employment or school, including assistance with resumes, interview skills and/or assistance with scholastic processes and continued education. For those who are not working or in school, we require service as a community volunteer
  • Spiritual groups and guided meditation, including options for Native American sweat lodges
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Process therapy , Motivational interviewing MI, Problem
    solving, family therapy, mindfulness, relapse prevention, art therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).
  • Adventure excursions with regular outings to scenic places like Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge, central Oregon and the beautiful Oregon coast
  • Emphasis on connection between physical fitness and positive mental health with supportive activities such as hiking, camping and other adventure excursions.
  • Employment or income savings program to ensure the client has a healthy financial base when leaving treatment