Let The Journey Begin…
Uncertain of who I was as an individual, attempting to be who others wanted me to be, I found, at a very young age that drugs and alcohol gave me “courage” and helped me to “fit in”. I sought approval and validation from anyone who would give it. Living most of my life in a small town I found myself isolated and alone, even when others were around me. I built huge walls and wore many masks afraid of what people would think if they knew who I really was. I feared everything and everyone.
After several unsuccessful attempts at getting clean I found myself, head in hands, crying out “How did I get here again?” I had hit rock bottom in utter despair and hopelessness, feeling I had no true purpose in life just wanting it all to end, I decided I was going to do whatever it took and go wherever needed to get out of the life that drugs and alcohol had led me to. I knew that I wanted to help young women overcome addiction and all that it brings while they are still young and have full lives ahead of them.
With only 1 ½ weeks clean and sober my Journey of self discovery began when I moved to the Portland area. In one year I dug my heels into a life of sobriety and change. I tore down walls and let many loving people into my life that loved and accepted me not only for who I was, but also until I came to love myself. I am now truly blessed to be a part of a wonderful Team who is dedicated to
helping men and women to become all that they have the potential to be free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. I am honored to be a part of the young women’s journey to a brand new life.

Diane Snyder
Client Support Specialist