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Hope you’re catching some good vibes and finding new reasons to smile every day.

You know, one of the fascinating things about recovery is the fresh slate it offers us. A new beginning to rediscover old passions or dive into new ones.

It got me thinking. How many of us have shelved a hobby or a passion, thinking we’re “too busy” or “it’s too late”? But recovery time is like a second chance. A do-over. An opportunity to find joy in the little things that make our hearts sing.

Whether it’s painting, hiking, dancing, or even just gardening – these activities aren’t just time-fillers. They’re soul-fillers. They remind us of the beauty in everyday life, of the things worth staying sober for.

If you’ve recently discovered or rediscovered a hobby that’s been your source of happiness, I’d love to hear about it. Maybe your story can inspire someone else to find their joy.


Ben Randolph