man in recovery

Hey there,

I hope this finds you in good spirits, bravely sailing through life’s storms with a heart full of hope.

Have you ever looked back on your life’s journey and thought, “If only I’d known this earlier”? We’ve all had these “What I Wish I Knew” moments, like little signposts we wish were there when we first started walking this road of recovery.

Meet Michelle, a member of our community who’s recently celebrated two years of sobriety. She once told me, “If only I’d known how vital a support network would be, I wouldn’t have tried to do it alone for so long.”

That’s her “What I Wish I Knew” signpost, and it changed the game for her. Gone were the days of isolating herself, believing she could beat addiction without leaning on others. Now, she understands that community is her most powerful ally.

And it’s not just Michelle. Even I wish I’d known the importance of truly facing, not just masking, my emotional struggles. Decades into this journey, and I still see the impact of that lesson every day.

If you’re nodding as you read this, thinking about your own “What I Wish I Knew” moments, give me a shout. Your wisdom could be the signpost that someone else desperately needs to see on their journey. If you are willing to share your wisdom with me, maybe I can pass it on to someone else who needs it and make a difference in their life.

Here’s to making the path a little clearer for everyone who follows us.

All the best,

Ben Randolph