**The following is an op-ed piece written by our live-in house manager of our lady’s program Candi Balabon which touches on her experience with living in recovery. Canid stands as a fine example of what the gifts of recovery can bring to people’s lives and how to employ them.**


I believe that anyone can live a life of recovery if they follow the recipe. You can’t leave out any of the ingredients or it doesn’t work. These ingredients are; Sponsor, working the 12 steps, higher power, support groups and working 12 step meetings.



I love to see people come to an understanding of this and then change their whole life. My own recovery from drugs and alcohol has shown me that life is indeed how you live it.



I honestly believe everyone wants to live a successful and happy life, and I honestly feel that once they come to the realization, they will see that this happy and successful life will never happen for them while they are in active addiction.