Addiction Treatment During Coronavirus Pandemic

OTR remains open to those seeking help with addiction

Coronavirus has hit pause on life as we know it, but addiction, both drug and alcohol abuse, will continue. We are doing everything in our power at this time to keep our facilities and treatment center open and available to current and new patients. 

We are complying with state and federal regulations surrounding medical facilities, and maintaining a clean, sanitized environment to avoid spreading germs. 

Social isolation triggers addiction

This is a very hard time for everyone, and it creates greater hurdles and challenges for those suffering from addiction. Addiction is often referred to as a “disease of isolation,” because substances become the central focus and obsession, and relationships become distant or destroyed.

Loneliness hurts. It also feeds depression, anxiety, and hopelessness, all of which contribute to making addiction unbearable and unmanageable. 

We are here for you TODAY

Oregon Trail recovery is here to help you. Our treatment staff is available to set up an intake and begin providing you with the treatment you need. Addiction can feel hopeless during this pandemic and social distancing, but we are here to start you on the path to recovery today.

Resources for Recovery

If you are seeking or currently in recovery, there are a number of AA and NA meetings across Portland that have set up virtual meetings online. Portland Area Intergroup has compiled a list, and if you have any additional questions on resources or what to do for your recovery today, please feel free to call us. 

The SAMHSA National Helpline is also always available to help.