Women’s Drug Rehab in Portland, Oregon

Not every person responds to a recovery program in the same way, which is why we offer both co-ed and single gender rehab programs. Our women’s drug rehab in Portland, Oregon focuses on each step of recovery, including the initial detox, live-in, and outpatient settings, transition housing, and ongoing therapies to help you find and maintain your sobriety. We give you the tools you need to sustain a life free of drugs and alcohol to create a positive environment to live, grow, and thrive.

Empowering Women

You may not have considered rehab for women as an option for you or your loved one. Women may prefer a gender-specific program to help them understand concerns that frequently accompany substance use, including childhood trauma, eating disorders, or other negative psychological conditions. Being with other women who are experiencing the same issues or who have dealt with and learned from similar concerns can create a comforting and supportive atmosphere in which to heal.

Male patients may be distracting or pay unwelcome attention to women in rehab, which in turn can make women feel vulnerable or less open to therapy. Women’s rehab centers also provide additional services, including childcare or parenting classes, that may be more relevant to women who are the primary caregivers in their families. To be able to recover and master life skills that are relevant to your life with the support of other women who understand these roles can make all the difference in the effectiveness of a rehab program.

What We Offer

Oregon Trail Recovery is with you through each stage of your recovery to help you realize your goal of living a substance-free life. Our program focuses on intensive outpatient treatment and transition care as well as programming to show you how to maintain your sobriety independently. Through our women’s program for drug rehab in Portland, Oregon, you or your loved one can learn self-care with the support of women who are on a similar journey, providing the setting and tools you need to stay motivated.

Our services include the following treatment options:

  • Individual and group therapy with supervision by licensed professionals
  • No less than ten hours of counselor-facilitated group therapy sessions per week
  • An intensive program with a duration of three to six months or longer if required
  • Development of an individualized long-term recovery care plan, consisting of mandatory sponsorship, trigger identification, prevention of relapse, attendance of support groups and 12-step meetings regularly
  • Promotion of basic life skills through modeling and guidance
  • Vocational and/or educational assistance, such as resume writing, interview skills training, and continuing education
  • Guided meditation and spiritual-based group sessions
  • Psychological service modules, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, family therapy, problem-solving, mindfulness, motivational interviewing (MI), and relapse prevention
  • Physical fitness with an emphasis on correlation to positive mental health
  • Scheduled outings to natural attractions and parks, such as the Oregon Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and Mt. Hood

Through our long-term recovery plan, you can learn how to create and master a substance-free lifestyle while setting and meeting goals to help you or your loved one along the way.

Single-Gender Sober Living Homes

As you progress through your recovery plan, you may find the transition from intensive outpatient therapy to independent living to be challenging. Our sober living homes for women provide a safe and supportive setting for you to gain control of your recovery, master life skills, and progress toward a healthy, independent future.

While residing in sober living, you can learn and grow through daily interaction with clinical staff as well as house managers. The group setting allows you to have the support of your peers who are also in transition, accenting the benefits of a holistic approach to recovery through fitness, education, group therapy, and other necessary skills that can help you achieve and maintain sobriety after you shift from the supervised program to your home setting.

Pave Your Way

Oregon Trail Recovery can help you find freedom from substance use when you are ready to begin your journey. Please call our professionals at (855) 770-0577 to learn more about our drug rehab in Portland, Oregon for women and how it could be the right fit for you or your loved one’s needs. You can also contact us through our confidential online form for more information about women’s drug rehab and our other programs. Together, we can show you the strength you possess to change your life for the better.