Treatment Staff

Benjamin Randolph MS, CADC III, CIP, CTT, BRI – II – Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Randolph MS, CADC III, CIP, CTT, BRI – II – Chief Executive Officer

Ben entered recovery in 1998 after struggling with substances for several years. After working in the construction trades for a number of years, he went on to school and earned his Master’s degree. Ben has a passion for recovery, the therapeutic process, and institutes recovery principles in all his affairs, including Oregon Trail Recovery. As the CEO, Ben and his wife Jennifer (COO), have applied their dreams of helping others into a reality. Ben has worked in methadone clinics, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient programs. Additionally, Ben has worked as the Director of Chemical Dependency at a 78-bed psychiatric hospital where he oversaw a 22-bed unit. Ben has been conducting interventions for almost a decade and a half and remains passionate about helping people get and stay clean and sober.

Jennifer Randolph, CAI-II, CIP, CTP, BRI – II, CADC II – Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Randolph, CAI-II, CIP, CTP, BRI – II, CADC II – Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer of Oregon Trail Recovery, Jennifer has turned her dream of helping others get sober into a reality. Jennifer’s addiction to drugs and alcohol started in high school. Without her personal experience with addiction, she would not be where she is today with over 18 years of being drug and alcohol-free. Jennifer also brings a vast educational experience with addiction to the table, and she has worked hard to achieve many nationally recognized certifications. Jennifer is a Certified ARISE Interventionist (CAI), Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Board Registered Interventionist (BRI II), Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC II). Her scope of practice is useful in all stages of recovery, including helping those she works with get sober and STAY clean and sober.

Samantha Rees - Office Manager/HR

Sam was born in Salem Oregon and raised in a small town east of Salem. Sam graduated from Cascade High School with her Honor’s diploma and received a two-year scholarship to a community college. Her working career began at Safeway in Stayton, OR where she worked hard and quickly began working her way into many different positions. Over the next couple of years, Sam found herself struggling with substance abuse and couldn’t find a way out. At 21 years old on August 5th of 2015, she checked herself into inpatient treatment and began her journey of recovery. 

Once she had completed her inpatient program, she knew she needed a long-term treatment center away from her hometown if she was going to be successful. She moved to Milwaukie where she enrolled in Oregon Trail Recovery’s 9-month program, which was one of the best things that ever happened to her. Sam was able to work on the core reasons of why she struggled with substances and was told what she needed to do if she wanted to stay sober. They introduced her to twelve step meetings and a new way of life. It was suggested she get involved, be of service, and do the work to stay sober. On August 5th of 2022, she celebrated 7 years of continuous sobriety.

Sam graduated the long-term treatment program and began working for Oregon Trail Recovery in 2016 as a house manager to give back to other women what was so freely given to her. She worked with the women in the program for a year before she moved into an administrative assistant role where she began learning the ins and outs of the business. Sam moved into the role of Office Manager/HR for many years and recently transitioned into the position of Chief Administrative Officer.

Sam’s passion is to help others find freedom from addiction. She gets to work with staff daily to help them become the best they can, to provide the best care possible to the clients. She feels blessed to be in a role where she can encourage and motivate staff to reach their fullest potential.

When Sam isn’t working in the office, she loves spending time with her husband and young son (with another on the way), living a full and beautiful life of recovery.

Kristen Watson - Clinical Supervisor

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

In 2004, life threw me a massive curveball and in a moment’s notice I became a single parent of 2 young children and the sole provider in all aspects. It was at that time; I had decided to return to school, and I was focused on opening a non-profit to assist others and to ensure others always had a place to go for support and assistance. My college advisor suggested an internship with addictions, and this was the furthest idea of what I wanted to do for my internship; however, I was open to suggestions by a professional, so I complied. I have since been involved with DUII treatment, Medicated Assisted Treatment, and Justice Involved Treatment throughout my career. I have received Contractor of the Quarter Award and Sheriff Commendation award, but no award is comparable to seeing past clients who remain clean and sober check in to say they are still going strong in their recovery.  

My approach to treatment isn’t just about the disease, it is about the person in all areas of their own lives and helping them find their way to a better life. We must look at all aspects of a person:  Emotional — Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships, Environmental — Good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being, Financial — Satisfaction with current and future financial situations, Intellectual — Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills, Occupational — Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work, Physical — Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep, Social — Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system, Spiritual — Expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life

I remember a supervisor who told me, “you were called into this field to assist others on their journey to find their own strength and that is your gift.’  I started as a counselor then promoted to a Lead Counselor and today, I am a Clinical Supervisor with my CADC II and QMHA credentials. I understand and accept that the universe did choose me for addiction treatment, and I have enjoyed being a part of this community for the past 17 years and will continue to be an active member in addiction treatment.